Trade Association Application

Trade Association Streams

The ACCRES Trade Association has two streams

  • Non-medical Stream: applies to a retailer that identifies and operates primarily as a non-medical retailer in accordance with federal and provincial regulations.

  • Medical Stream: applies to a retailer that identifies and operates solely as a medical cannabis dispensary or compassion club. Currently this stream is only applicable to retailers that were members of ACCRES prior to October 17, 2018.

All ACCRES Trade Association members are required to sign a declaration that the retailer will meet or exceed the appropriate Recommended Operating Procedures.

Trade Association Eligibility and Requirements

To join the ACCRES Trade Association, the retailer must have a current provincial licence for cannabis retail in the province in which they operate, or apply for a licence within 3-months of application to the Trade Association.

If a company, individual or society operates more than one affiliated retail location, each individual location is required to join the Trade Association (i.e. an application to join the Trade Association will list all locations and there will be a separate application fee per location, however there will be only one membership fee for all affiliated locations).

Application Process

To join the ACCRES Trade Association, applicants must:

  • Complete the online Trade Association Application

  • Download, complete and return the signed ROP to ACCRES (

Once the Trade Association Application is received and accepted by the board, ACCRES will notify the applicant of their acceptance, and an invoice for the first months fees, or the discounted annual fee as shown below, will be sent by email.

Annual Fees for the ACCRES Trade Association:

  • Fees can be submitted by:
    1. Mailing to 203 – 1836 5th Avenue West, Vancouver, BC V6J 1P5
    2. Sending an interact e-transfer to
  • $420.00 quarterly or

  • $1,500.00 per year paid up-front

Location 1

Location 2(+)

Year 1



Year 2 & 3



Once the membership fees are received, the retailer will be in good standing with the ACCRES Trade Association, and is eligible to become a voting member of ACCRES. 

Cancellation of Application

If the application is cancelled, or if it remains incomplete within 2-weeks of receipt, the Application Fee will be forfeited.

Trade Association status may be revoked at the discretion of the ACCRES Board of Directors should the retailer:

  • Owe 6 months or more of dues

  • Fail to adequately address complaints

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