ACCRES Submits Legalization Taskforce Position Paper

ACCRES Submits Legalization Taskforce Position Paper
September 2, 2016 Ehren Richardson
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Canadian Federal Task Force Marijuana

Vancouver BC – ACCRES submitted its official response to the Canadian Federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization.  The following documents represent the submission.

ACCRES was invited to participate in private, round table discussions with the Federal Task Force in Vancouver, BC.  Details of the meeting are available to ACCRES members and will be discussed at the next ACCRES trade member meeting.


ACCRES Legalization Taskforce Submission Aug 2016.FINAL

Appendix 5 – ACCRES_Required-Organizational-Practices

Appendix 4 – ACCRES comments on MMPR

Appendix 3 – Inclusion of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in the Regulatory Framework

Appendix 2 – Second-Edition-ACCRES-Standards

Appendix 1 – Camps – Barriers To Access