ACCRES Membership

Membership in ACCRES’s Trade Association is open to all retailers adhering to the Recommended Organizational Practices (ROP’s)

To apply for membership, complete the ACCRES Trade Association Application.

Trade Association Application

Why is there a ACCRES Membership?

The ACCRES Membership was created to ensure voting parity among members of different sizes.  One (1) ACCRES Membership is allowed for every group of affiliated retailers; whether you have 1 or 5 retailers in your group, there is one ACCRES Membership. Affiliated retailers include retailers which are:

  • Doing business in the same name as another retailer;

  • Directed by a board of directors having three (3) or more members in common with another retailer; or

  • Owned, operated or otherwise directed by the same person or persons as another retailer.


ACCRES Membership includes the ability to:

  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting;

  • Run for a position on the ACCRES board of directors (must be eligible for nomination pursuant to the Criteria for Eligibility as a Board Member);

  • Sit on committees and participate within the ACCRES organization as specified by the board of directors;

  • Participate within the organization as directed by the board of directors.