ACCRES Annual General Meeting to take place June 20, 2018

ACCRES Annual General Meeting to take place June 20, 2018
June 13, 2018 Ehren Richardson

Wednesday June 20, 2018 at 6:30 pm
UBC Robson Square, Room C-680
800 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

A vote for the ACCRES Board of Directors will take place. The nominees are:

1. Jeremy Jacob

As a professional mechanical engineer Jeremy Jacob spent 15 years working in renewable energy, including 8 years as a design build mechanical contractor installing renewable energy systems into homes and small commercial buildings.

Jeremy also has a long history in political activism including being an elected delegate for East Vancouver in two federal leadership conventions, standing up for human rights, and advocating for the increased adoption of renewable energy.

Jeremy’s also the proud father of 4 beautiful daughters.

In 2015 with his life partner Andrea, Jeremy co-founded Village Bloomery in Vancouver. In March of 2016 Jeremy was elected to ACCRES’s board, and in August of 2016 he was elected president of the organization.

As president, Jeremy represented ACCRES at the Federal Task Force on Legalization, in various Health Canada Round tables, as a panelist at 10 conferences in Toronto, Vancouver and Seattle, and at the Senate of Canada in May of 2018.

Jeremy has has engaged at all levels of government, has formed key relationships from Ottawa to Victoria, and has forged new relationships with the BC Chamber and various Boards of Trade, including a unanimous approval on a pro-craft cannabis/private retail resolution at the recent Chamber AGM in Kamloops.

Jeremy’s goal is to continue the work to protect patient access, and transition existing market players to the new system.

2. Ehren Richardson

Current Vice President of ACCRES

Director at Sunrise Wellness Foundation (Dispensaries), Vancouver, British Columbia

Ehren has volunteered for ACCRES as Vice President since April of 2016.  He has met with various leaders within the Federal, Provincial and Regional governments to fight for the rights of existing storefront dispensaries to transition into a regulated environment.

Ehren has contributed to most of ACCRES’s position papers, speeches and news releases and has sat down with a variety of dispensary operators in BC to help them adopt a community-supported approach to cannabis dispensing.

Ehren is a big proponent of providing a bigger tent within ACCRES to represent micro-producers, processors and other vendors to the retail storefront industry.  Today ACCRES offers an Associate Membership for that purpose.

Ehren is the director of Vancouver based, non-profit, dispensaries called Sunrise Wellness Foundation that has two locations in final permitting stage in Vancouver.

Prior to this, Ehren worked for an advisory group in Colorado and Washington State assisting Financial Institutions to bank state licensed Producer, Processors and Retailers.

3. Laurie Weitzel

“Born in Vancouver and raised on the prairies I have slowly moved back home to BC now residing in the picturesque city of Kimberley.  I enjoy living in the mountains and taking advantage of hiking, skiing, riding and dog walks.  I have two children ages 21 and 23 who are amazing kids and completely independent as well as a wonderful partner whom I was blessed to have met.

My cannabis journey started when my late husband Chris was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer in January 2014.  By March he was stage 4 as it had spread to his liver. I read the letter from the oncologist to our medical doctor which stated that Chris had less than a year to live from the date he was diagnosed and that he would most likely not make Christmas 2014/15.  When you receive news like this you do anything possible to eliminate that outcome.   One of our clients in our Strata/Property Management business shared her mother’s lung cancer story and the positive effects from that she received from the oil extract.  Chris’ wish was to treat his illness as naturally as possible so we choose to try the oil extract.  We purchased cannabis in the unregulated market and brought it home and proceeded to make the recipe from the Rick Simpson’s website Phoenix Tears.  We also chose to go to a Mexican Cancer clinic for treatment as our philosophies were like minded.  Our Mexican Doctor had researched medical cannabis and was completely on board.  He would have administered the oil to us while we were there but crossing two boarders with Cannabis Oil wasn’t a great idea!

In the fall of 2015, Chris wanted to open a dispensary after he clearly saw how the cannabis was helping him.  He wanted to educate others from what we had learned through our cancer journey so we went to our city council and asked for a business license.  The city council unanimously agreed to a business license pending location.  Shortly after that wonderful news, Chris started to have further health challenges so we were in hospitals most of that fall.  Chris passed away November 29, 2015.  We were given an extra quality year with Chris which we don’t believe we would have had without the oil extract along with the cancer hospital we chose to go to.

I opened Earth’s Own Naturals Ltd. with my business partner Alan in January 2017.  It has been a great year and I have enjoyed speaking with our members and learning about their health challenges and what cannabis has done for them.  Earth’s Own Naturals Ltd. became members of ACCRES after Jeremy Jacob’s visit to Nelson.  I decided to put my energy into meeting the Municipal and Electoral Directors, our MP and MLA in the East Kootenay and the Columbia Valley to educate them about our industry. I set up 2 days of meetings and a presentation to the RDEK (Regional District of the East Kootenay) for Jeremy, Heather and I.   The Kimberley and Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce representatives also met with us and as a result we began to write a policy called “DISTRIBUTION FAIRNESS FOR CRAFT PRODUCERS AND RETAILERS” which was just unanimously passed by the BC Chamber of Commerce in their AGM held May 26, 2018.

As a stakeholder in our industry, It is imperative that we work towards enhancing the new legislation to better service our communities.  I would be honored to sit on the board of ACCRES to further our cause.”

– Laurie Weitzel